Several large cracks were found on the Florida International University bridge even before it was erected, from Daily Mail(UK):

One of the engineers, Linwood Howell, said the cracks were a sign of the structure’s ‘imminent failure’.

‘There’s nothing they could have done short of starting over and redesigning the structure,’ said Howell, whose firm conducts bridge inspections for the state of Texas.

Is this the price of diversity?  We must have public infrastructural designed by underrepresented minorities, even if they are incompetent.

2 Responses to “FIU Bridge Collapse: Death By Engineering”

  1. Can you guess which country without an extradition agreement the Engineering Professor who was so proud of this creation has disappeared to? 

    The initial NTSB report is a magnificent example of salami hiding via vast expenditure of taxpayer Dollars.  We now know Gravity wins every time, the ersatz bridge was mostly concrete, and the definition of crack now includes openings similar to Letchworth Gorge.

    No mention is made of the FIU geniuses plan to use the ersatz bridge as a concert venue. 

    FIU Engineering Department is working hard to make other diploma mills look good and doing it well.

  2. That is both cynical and mean.  I like it.