I think we may have identified the central part of the problem; the FBI and its leadership:

The FBI on Wednesday said it had found no evidence about President Trump‘s claim that former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton‘s pthey are the authorityrivate email server was compromised by hackers working for the Chinese government.

In a brief statement, the bureau said: “The FBI has not found any evidence the servers were compromised.”

Well of course they did. If they said otherwise they would bear responsibility for that problem… As would of course Hillary Clinton herself, whom they are desperately trying to protect.

Jerry Saperstein looks at this and shakes his head:

Oh, really?

This is the same FBI that repeatedly lied to the FISA court, found HIllary Clinton committed no crimes, found nothing incriminating on Anthony Weiner’s laptop, granted immunity to Hillary’s aides and accomplices and more.

And now we’re supposed to believe the FBI when they say China didn’t hack Hillary’s illegal email server?

Obviously they think we’re all dumber than rocks.

I’m sympathetic here, but I think the answer is a bit more complex than that. They’re operating from the idea that they are the authority and therefore should be trusted at all turns.

What they don’t understand is that ship has already sailed, their credibility is continuing to go down hill with the American people, and they are clueless as to how to rectify that problem. The only thing they can do is stand up stamp their feet and say..”but I am the authority”.

And you see the real problem here is that makes the assumption that they’re telling the truth. We know they’re not. These reports are coming in from all over the place and always from sources not approved of by the FBI.

It’s almost impossible (unless you’re a Democrat) not to draw the conclusion that the FBI here is the locus of the problem… that they are protecting Hillary Clinton from well-deserved jail time. the American people have seen what’s been happening, and have identified the FBI as the problem.

Here it is, gang:

There will be no trust for the FBI going forward, and very little trust for the criminal justice system as a whole, unless the American people are witness to Hillary Clinton, and a goodly number surrounding her being frog marched out of the building.