Postulate the passing of Ted Cruz. Or, if you like, postulate that Rand Paul’s neighbor actually succeeded in killing him.
Does anybody suppose that the left would be showing such great respect for either of those two men? Would they be making lots of noise to make sure that they got honored in death as they have John McCain?
if not, then we are forced by Logic to consider the possibility that the only reason they are so honoring John McCain is because he reliably bent over forward to accommodate the liberal agenda.

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  1. I note for the record; People without honor can not, regardless how long they blather, bestow honor.

    I will grudgingly admit admiration of the ability to read the s#!t these rat bassurds are pushing.  The guy who read McShame’s last letter with emphasis is definitely a contender for whatever award is being sought.

  2. The late John McCain led a bitter life and died a bitter man.  What a eulogy. What a shame.  At least the late Senator Oldsmobile died a drunk.

  3. Yeah, well about that John…

    The guy you mentioned that red McCain’s letter? He’s Paul Manafort’s business partner.

    Let that roll around for a few minutes.

  4. I understand that you disagreed with McCain’s politics. That is your right. What you can’t dispute is that he served this country honorably for almost 6 decades.  For that, he deserves more respect than I see here.

    Just because someone disagrees with your politics and/or your opinions doesn’t mean he is evil, scum, stupid, not a patriot or doesn’t love this country as much as you or I. It is more than possible that he just disagrees with your politics too. That’s it. Nothing more evil or sinister than that.

    John McCain did more to support and defend this country than most – certainly more than you, or me for that matter. His integrity, honor and leadership when it comes to doing what he felt was right for this country should not be questioned – regardless of your personal politics.  Country before party and politics is what drove him. THAT is why he is widely honored across the political spectrum – NOT because he was the Democrats stooge.

    Your brother.

  5. Lee for someone completely ignorant of facts you do a fine job.
    Do you work for the Democrat Machine?

    John Sidney McCain 3 lived from the taxpayer’s hand from the moment of his brth to the moment he took his last breath.  Feel free to look it up.
    As a Plebe he should have been washed out of the Academy, but none of the ring knockers running that show had the balls to wash out the son of an Admiral and grandson of another Admiral.
    He should have been flushed from Flight Training, but being the grandson of the Admiral largely responsible for development of Naval Aviation he was a protected species.  Many superior students were flushed.
    Lets just skip over Reverse Ace’s pathetic flying career smashing up taxpayer owned planes.
    Lets just skip over his brilliance aboard Forestall and how he wound up assigned there.

    McCain’s greatest contribution to Vietnam was knocking a SAM out of the sky with his till them perfectly flyable plane.  We’ll not dwell on how he accomplished this, just as we’ll not dwell on how he destroyed the previous plane at Haiphong. 

    Distinguished flying cross, bronze star and silver star were all more devalued & dishonored by McCain then Lyndon Bullshit Johnson.

    Do you really expect anyone who saw real time footage of the repatriation to believe John Sidney McCain was tortured for 5 years?  Yes, he was isolated from US POWs in Hanoi so others wouldn’t see how well the son of the Admiral running that war was treated by Giapp and Ho. 

    The only hero accruing to John Sidney McCain 3 was a long sandwich.

    Like Hanoi John Ketchup, McCain’s 201 files were cleaned up in the Jimmy Carter sanitation process.

    Then he dumped a perfectly good wife who had stood by him for 5 years while he vacationed in Hanoi, and made tapes for Uncle Ho for a rich broad with big boobs and a beer distributorship to inherit.

    Cindi’s Budweiser and Keatings bucks bought enough votes from drunk college students to get him elected to Congress, and he was on the march.

    Feel free to identify yourself with John McCrap.  It says a lot about you, and I sincerely hope you aren’t related to Eric.

  6. “I sincerely hope you aren’t related to Eric.”

    It appears that you cannot read the facts when they are right in front of you.  I signed the post you’re responding to with ‘Your Brother”.  What did you guess that meant? (I am indeed Eric’s brother.)

    As for your ‘facts’ about John McCain.  You are certainly entitled to view them as you wish.  But, I disagree with you.  So, I am also entitled to view them as I see them.  I didn’t always agree with McCain but I respected his desire to do what he felt was right for the country even when it went against the party and wasn’t always going to be good for him either.  I also respected his attempts at getting bipartisan agreement when the situation called for it and for the betterment of the country.  Neither party has all the answers so sometimes we need to work together.  It should be country above party.

    Anyway, your slant on the ‘facts’ however, seem to carry with them a lot of hatred and anger.  Whatever, feel free to keep thinking what you’re thinking.

    “Do you work for the Democrat Machine?”  Nope.  Of course you wouldn’t know that I have been a registered Republican all my life.  However, due to the lack of backbone in the Republican party lately, I’ve registered as an Independent. Lastly, I also served in the Army for 24 years. I also respected McCain for his military service – even if it didn’t meet your standards.

  7. Lee;

    I just became aware of the response thread here. Been busy for a couple of days. I found this thread after weeding out a fair amount of comment spam. (Sigh)

    To the point…..

    John McCain would have us believe that politics is a sport where friendly Rivals are decent people on both sides and they can all go have a beer afterwards and celebrate the joys of honorable competition.

    But it is not so.

    (it’s funny, that that description only seems to come up from the side that’s losing… rather like hearing Democrats talk about bipartisanship. The only time you ever hear Democrats talking about bipartisanship this when they’ve had their backsides handed to them such as in the most recent election. But I digress.)

    Politics is the reflection of real people, a real life and death struggle, populated by those who are the enemies of freedom and who recklessly meddle in the economic livelihood of individuals, using the power of government, and on the other side is the rest of us.

    It is the struggle against the existential threat that faces us… A threat that looms larger all the time as evidenced by what’s going on around us. (Your comments about the GOP lacking a backbone tell me that you see it as well as I do.. it’s a threat that the GOP establishment has refused to respond to repeatedly)

    Wasn’t it McCain who told us, as a result of his deep-seated belief in the ‘I’m okay you’re okay” School of politics, that we didn’t have anything to fear from an Obama presidency? How did that work out?

    But the politics of the thing are only half the story. If politics were the only issue with McCain, the conversation would end there. But it does not.

    McCain served the country for six decades you say? I guess that depends on how you define “served”. 

    John goes a little over the top in his response I agree, but he does a good job in listing the questions that should be asked. Questions I fear that will never be answered properly because the history of the issues in the military has been Rewritten 15 times from both directions. (I am firmly convinced based on eyewitness accounts for example that the final report on the Forrestal incident was a total whitewash.)

    Another reason that such questions will never be answered properly is because as soon as McCain became a Senator and had the power to do it, he sealed his military records…. an act which does absolutely nothing to raise my confidence that there wasn’t some skullduggery going on there.

    So there are a few black spots on his record… At the least, incidents that can and should be questioned. And it almost seems to me that defending that now, is either akin to commenting that the tire is only flat on the bottom or saying “Other than that Mrs. Lincoln how did you like the play?”

    But the Clincher for me in terms of his /post/ military involvement is his fingerprints on the Steele dossier which was clearly intended to bring down a sitting president. That, also, I documented here.

    That’s not just amiable politics as McCain enjoyed painting it. It’s called treason. A word that’s been attached to John McCain before, during his military career. Something of a pattern developing here.

    And this is not about Trump, per se. this is about the establishment and Washington protecting itself at all cost.

    Look, you know very well that Donald Trump was never my guy. I would have appreciated an actual conservative being in the White House. My attitude of late has been that anything that upsets the Liberals this much has to be worth the price of admission, so I’ve been sitting back and watching and calling the things as I see them. When he’s wrong I’ll jump on his case. When he’s right I’ll defend him. Thankfully, I’ve been mostly defending him.

    But as I’ve been saying all along this is not about Trump. This is about the establishment of both parties defending themselves against the people.

    You mentioned the GOP and their lack of backbone? I don’t know if that’s an accurate description. I think it’s probably more accurate to say that they don’t stand up for what you and I believe in because they don’t believe in it. (That’s a point I made about Mitt Romney some time ago…)

    I hold McCain himself up is a prime example of this and as a primary reason why the GOP has been lacking its backbone. For good or ill, Trump was elected because a large part of the voters recognize that The Establishment GOP simply don’t believe as they do.

    John McCain was deeply involved in that all out, No Holds Barred defense of the “I love government” establishment, ( and I’ve documented that here, with notes being added on the subject just the other day) and I think his actions in that area rise to criminality. He saw Trump as a non establishment type, and correctly so. And so he went about trying to destabilize Trump’s presidency. Not only is it the action of a bitter man, but a traitor to his country and to his sworn oath, and a serious danger to The Republic.

    A couple of additional points. I notice with interest that the Democrats gave no honor whatsoever to Chris Kyle. Not even Charlen. Yet, they practically wet themselves over John McCain. Why?

    The only conclusion that one can draw from that is that This is not about whether or not John McCain served honorably.  in my view that still a matter of question, but in the process of that I’ll suggest to you that Chris Kyle did as well. The reason for that difference in their response is because McCain reflected their politics more correctly.

    Final thought…

    John, there’s a line immediately behind you that you just stepped over. Subject closed.

  8. My deepest sympathy to you and Donna Eric.