When Bill Clinton was being hounded for his sexual escapades inside the Oval Office, the Democrats used to call these “bimbo eruptions”.

Now suddenly when there’s a Republican in office, such matters that occurred before he was in office are called a “Constitutional crisis”.

Never let a good crisis go to waste, I suppose.

It it does seem odd, though, after decades of being told by the Democrats that morality doesn’t matter and is an individual choice, that they now demand we accept their judgment of what is it is not moral.

It’s almost as if their goal here is something other than a moral society. Perhaps their goal is political?

No, it couldn’t be.

One Response to “And They Wonder Why That We Don’t Take Them Seriously”

  1. It’s pure Alynski + the Generational Lack of Memory. 
    Your yute doesn’t allow you to recall when Alynski used Rochester as his lab to perfect his system.

    As my favorite History teacher often said,; If you don’t know what happened last week you’ll play hell getting through tomorrow.
    Public Edumyfication has labored for 2 decades to make the masses stupid, and it worked.