How did the new socialist “it girl”, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, win the nomination for the congressional seat in New York City?

Easy… A lack of voter Engagement.

Dan Greenfield digs in:

Crowley, who is paler than birch trees, had no shot at the new 7th. But he settled down comfortably in the 14th, winning 70% of the vote by just showing up, without the fuss of a primary challenge. While representing a Hispanic district in Queens, he was allegedly living comfortably in Arlington, Virginia.

That was never going to last.

New York City’s working class white population is an endangered species. If you’re not on welfare or earning well in the six figures, you can’t afford to live there. Crowley’s district was 46% Hispanic. It had the second highest share of Latino voters in New York. The machine pol was living on borrowed time.

It’s hard to imagine a more vulnerable politician than doughy Joe, the echo of a 19th century political establishment of barstools and crony government jobs, used to winning ¾ of the vote in safe districts and who had forgotten how to compete in an election (if he ever knew how) facing a Hispanic district.

Of course the woman dubbed by the leftist media as “the girl from the Bronx”, is nothing of the sort, having grown up in well-to-do Westchester. It also turns out that there are charges of anti-Semitism floating around about her campaign staff at the least and possibly with her directly. There are signs that’s not going over well.

Also as Daniel points out, this is hardly the stunning Victory the leftist Press would have us believe. Rather, this is the direct result of the congressional representative having absolutely no connection whatsoever with the people that he supposedly represented, and in particular the Democrats in that District…

At least, the ones that decided to show up to the primary. Democrats tend to turn out less for midterm elections, much less so for primaries, particularly those that are perceived as being uncontested as this one was. It’s been pointed out repeatedly that the turnout for the primary was extremely low even by those standards.

So now the question becomes what happens in the general election. will the rank-and-file Democrats in that District vote for the Socialist? Will they even bother to show up?

This is certainly not over, but one gets the impression that this is most certainly not going to fall out the way the leftist Democrats would have you believe.