Longtime online friend Ed Driscoll notes via instapundit that the New York Daily News is in effect going belly-up.

The fact of the matter is that the place has been swinging to the extreme left for some time now. As such it’s been going the way of the supposed mainstream media who has also been swinging left, just, unbelievably, not quite as far as the Daily News has.

When you get too far to the left to attract the attention and devotion of New York City types who just got through electing a socialist are not so long ago and went headlong for Hillary Clinton… You are at the very least doubly removed from reality.

With the fast demise of left-wing “newsrooms” around the country and the unbridled success of outlets such as Fox News, you would think they would take the hint by now.

One Response to “The New York Daily News is Swimming Upside Down”

  1. Fret not Eric.
    Dictator Cuomo the Little has announced a plan for the NY Taxpayers to bail the paper out.

    It’s a vital resource you know.