4 Responses to “Stupidity, Thy Name be Starbucks”

  1. The straws are flavored, out for maybe over a year. The sign is about the reusable cups above the straws, not about the straws.  It appears stupidity is gullibly on your part, posting a fake meme. Think the straws are paper, or candy; do you know?  No, do you care pushing a fake meme?  I will never find out – but the stupid is cute

  2. Eric gave up flavor straws in Second Grade when he couldn’t stop puckering his lips.

  3. isn’t that interesting though how when a customer pays additional for the specialty straw that it’s okay environmentally?

    What’s fake here is the environmentalism. Always has been fake. The business out in California? Cooked up by a nine-year-old. That pretty much describes the situation of the government in California…

  4. When will Moonbeam and Californicate come into compliance with their own air quality regulations on those damn fires they’re using to clear away Oxygen producing trees?

    Calstupidity has given us CARB compliant gas cans here in NY, and Tier 4 Diesels that barely run to the level of making gasoline engines in trucks look good.

    It’s time for Californicate to leave the Union and take their straws with them.