First thing on the agenda here is going to be a destruction of the Democrats and their call for a moderate u. S. Supreme Court judge. We can best to do that with the words of Antonin Scalia who I still insist died under less than above-board circumstances…

And and that’s precisely the problem that the Democrats are having with Trump and his Supreme Court appointee. And mind you, I’m writing this before he’s even told us who it is.

(Edit… Though I posted it afterward. it seems fair, the Democrats were ready to protest whatever nominee Trump offered up. It’s amazing how many pre-printed protest signs got tossed away… But Mr Soros won’t have to worry. He’s got enough to cover it.)

The Democrats are screaming about Roe v Wade and how it’s going to be overturned. Well, let’s be honest about this. First of all it’s probably not going to be overturned in the near future. Justice Roberts is far too enamored with Stare decisis for that to occur in his lifetime. Roberts has far more of a history of respecting legal ground that’s already been established that he has been in tearing it down.

That said, if Roe v Wade had actually been decided on law as opposed to pretending that the constitution contain something that wasn’t there, the left wouldn’t be making all this noise about it being overturned.

I think the truth is they know it isn’t going to be overturned as well. But they’ve got to have something to playcate their base with.

Taking it one step further if, the government wasn’t so powerful it wouldn’t matter anyway. That’s the Fatal flaw of the left, governmental power has a tendency to get away from people who think they can control it.

And control is the word.

Democrats believe that the constitution is a document that must bend to the will of their policy ideas and preferences rather than it acting as a limitation on government, and in support of individual liberty. There is after all very little that ruins the aspirations of the loony left than a limitation on the power of government… A limitation that the constitution was expressly written to provide. In other words, the Constitution was written so as to keep the government from growing too large and too powerful, and if the left actually followed the Constitution they wouldn’t be so worried about who was controlling courts now.

I can’t point to anything specific for the future, except Ruth Bader Ginsburg is going to be departing the court soon one way or another, and that Trumps next nominee, particularly if it happens within the next year, will be giving the left fits again because he or she will be another originalist.

The United States Supreme Court has been the Battleground for the left for years because it is the easiest and fastest way to get big government enshrined in constitutional law. It’s my sense that that’s going to come to a crashing halt, as will the respect of the left for the Supreme Court, who is past is prologue will tell us that the Supreme Court is outdated and useless to their causes, because it will no longer be the relativistic and easily malleable body then it has been since the 50s.

Thing is, that’s precisely as it should be. It isn’t Trump that they fear, nor is it the Supreme Court as such. What the left fears Above All Else is the original meaning and intent of the Constitution.

We are about to spend the next 30 Years seeing that fear exemplified.