So now we hear that Stormy Daniels husband is filing for divorce.

Wait…. She was married?

Okaaaaay. I have to confess I wasn’t aware of it. From what I can see the way she was acting she wasn’t aware of it, either.

Her husband is saying that he can’t believe that she would be cheating on him.

Personally I have difficulty believing that the guy can possibly be that stupid, so I am inclined to believe he is bald faced liar, and not a very good one. And of course we’ve already established that she is, as well.

She, meanwhile, is saying that we should all back off and give her privacy for the sake of her family.

Personally I plan to give her precisely the amount of privacy that she gave Donald Trump and his family.

Forgive me, folks, but I think Jeff Foxworthy’s commentary applies here. It’s kind of like buying a rental car. If you go into a situation where you know the car has been driven that hard by that many people maybe, just maybe you don’t want to put your key in it.

As to why these little tidbits are relevant on the national scene, I suggest that it’s always good to keep in mind the kind of people that we’re dealing with.

One Response to “Husband of Stormy Daniels Files for Divorce.”

  1. I’m sure it was a bliss filled marriage right up until Stormy decided to remake her image by claiming she waxed Donald’s knob.  After that introducing yourself as Mr Stormy probably left you alone at the bar. 

    Sort of reminiscent of a local talk radio swine who proudly describes how she screwed her way off the overnight shift.  Mr Prison HACK is about to dump her ass too.

    Such is the way of the world of entertainment.