If you’re tired of being labeled an enemy of the people, maybe it’s time you stopped acting like an enemy of the people.

The New York Times and the Washington Post have a long history of pursuing a far leftist agenda, an agenda that has been rejected by the American people. Walter Duranty would probably be proud of what you’ve accomplished, but very few Americans would. the thing is, there are far too many people in the show called news industry who consider the New York Times to be the gold standard and are pursuing the same political agenda… Ultimately, an anti-American agenda.

The American people have not been, as your self- promoting ads claim, living in a political bubble, you and your fifth columnists have.

Donald Trump has this one right. I have always had serious problems with the man, but this isn’t one of them. He’s got you and your organization pegged exactly correctly.

I have on my bookshelf at home a Barnhart dictionary. Date of publication is 1956. In it, there are two words that describe the problem with the New York Times.

The first is “newsman”. The dictionary defines that word as someone who reports the news.

The second is “journalist”, what’s the dictionary defines as someone who writes what he thinks.

Ponder the differences, Pinch, your job was reporting the news not writing what you think. Your organization has been doing that since long before Walter duranty was walking your halls. And, long after.

Ponder the idea that you might not be in the predicament that you’re in right now with failing sales, reduced income and an absolutely destroyed reputation, if you had stayed with the original mandate which was to be News men, not journalists.

It’s time for that dinosaur of yours to die a much-deserved death. The faster that happens the better off America, and with it the rest of the world, is going to be.

Addendum: Eric

Armstrong Williams at his place this morning says it well…

The New York Times editor tells President Donald J. Trump that his characterizations of the press could lead to violence. How about The Times stand up for those who choose to work in government, yet get kicked out of restaurants and badgered by extremists? Same side of the coin, eh editor?

This is a prime example of the blatant hyprocrisy and double standards that exist in today’s media. This is why so many Americans on both ends of the political spectrum distrust and dislike the media as much as they do because what’s good for the goose isn’t good for the gander.

Will The Times report on these heinous acts and condemn from its editorial pages? Will they state the obvious issues that exist on both sides or will they point the finger at everyone else while hiding behind their own issues?

If the media is to ever regain the trust of the American people, it needs to conduct a deep dive into its own problems and correct them before it can be honest in its criticisms of others. #AW NYT Politics

Yeah well, don’t hold your breath Armstrong. The fact of the matter is they’ve never owned up to the whole Walter Duranty thing. The chances of them actually owning up to something more recent seem at best miniscule, absent a threat to the survival of the New York Times larger than Salzburger himself.