Well this didn’t quite work out the way the naysayers told us it would.

Germany’s chancellor said Thursday she’s willing to back lower tariffs on U.S. auto imports as a potential European Union (EU) concession to the Trump administration – just one day after CEOs of Germany’s biggest carmakers reportedly voiced support for eliminating such tariffs entirely.

Maybe it’s time to just sit back and observe what happens as opposed to making dire predictions about the consequences of tariffs in this case.

One Response to “Germany Willing to Cut Tariffs on US Cars, Lifting Automakers’ Shares | Fox Business”

  1. It now appears Imam Conrad Angela may have a few problems the media haven’t mentioned, like 6 German Submarines needing to be pulled from service and German troops participating in NATO exercises using broomsticks for weapons and using Mercedes cargo vans in place of armored troop carriers. 

    Could it be she funded the welfare payments from the military bank account?