Rule Number One of business, keep your customers happy.   Two, make new customers.   Lesson for Starbucks, caving to the inane demands of social justice warriors by converting your former coffee shops into homeless shelters and shooting galleries violates both rules, from Washington Times:

Starbucks may have appeased progressives with its social-justice workshops and open-bathroom policy, but such moves have failed to caffeinate the company’s bottom line.

The coffee giant’s stock took a tumble Wednesday after CEO Kevin Johnsonannounced that Starbucks would close 150 company-owned stores next year instead of the expected 50, with an emphasis on underperforming shops in densely populated urban areas, and lowered growth projections.

The social justice movement may be wearing Starbucks pelts, but the size of the herd is getting significantly smaller.

2 Responses to “Starbucks Goes Social Justice, Tanks”

  1. Meanwhile Chick-fil-A and Walmart just keep rolling along…

  2. I’d gladly stop at a StarSucks public toilet if I knew where one is.

    What the hell, them places have to have a reason to exist.