You guys have all seen the comments of Robert De Niro both at the awards ceremony and in Toronto the following day, so I won’t bother repeating it here.

But perhaps it’s worthwhile to examine just how it is we got here.

You see, Raging Bullcrap is still under the impression that we actually care what he has to say politically, or for that matter what anybody else in Hollywood has to say, past the “I can’t take my eyes off this Trainwreck” fascination.

They completely fail to understand that the vast majority of the American people have watched for Generations as the Hollywood left pushed California into the ocean, and particularly over the last 8 years as they tried to do the same thing to the country, and very nearly totally succeeded.

Actually I suspect the reality is slightly different. What we’re seeing out of these people now is desperation as I’ve said previously.

In the midst of all of this going on, and particularly after the last couple of outbursts from DiNero himself, along with, of course, the Bill Maher quote that came up the last couple of days about wanting the economy to crash so Trump would be hurt, (never mind that the American people would also be hurt by it…) A marvelous Epiphany has begun to occur.

People have begun to realize that the only fat person in North Korea is remarkably easier to get along with than are the Democrats, the Hollywood left and those on the George Soros payroll. Given the depth of contempt that most Americans hold for the little gargoyle, where do you suppose that places the Democrat Party and its followers?

And I’ll bet the Democrats still think they’re going to take the midterm elections.