! Did you know that historically speaking Donald J Trump is the biggest contributor to the ongoing clown show that is Charles Schumer? Of course, given the current circumstances I suppose those donations have come to an end. After all, what we’re dealing with in those cases is play for pay. It’s simply how you do business in New York City. But here’s the thing, with that change what happens to Schumer’s viability as a candidate for reelection?

! I’m starting to run into an error a little more frequently with dictation on my Android devices. As an example yesterday saw autocorrect turn “Gestapo” into “gazpacho”.

! Cuomo the Lesser has rendered New York State the worst in the Union 4 doing business. When you can outdo California’s screw-ups, you’re really doing something.

! You know, the way some people are fighting border security, particularly Democrats, one can’t help but imagine that they have a stake in human trafficking and drug trafficking.

! with all the Wailing and gnashing of teeth over the immigration issue at the Supreme Court yesterday, somehow this little gem got missed;

! Finally, let’s talk about this Civil War we keep hearing about. One side has one third of the guns in the world and about 8 trillion bullets. The other side doesn’t know what bathroom to use.