Okay, forgive me the Star Trek original series reference. But it does seem to fit here.

Gretchen Carlson, the new head of the organization’s board of directors, revealed that Miss America will no longer judge women based on their physical appearance.

There will no longer be a swimsuit competition in Miss America, it has been revealed.

Another piece of who we are falls to political correctness.

First of all let’s state flatly that Gretchen Carlson is an abject idiot and deserving of absolutely no recognition whatsoever, particularly where her brain power is the question.

Secondly, let’s aver that there are few things quite so stupid as a beauty pageant. I suppose In fairness it should be said that Carlson has the position she has now simply because she was a looker back in the day. But now it appears that since she got hers, nobody else should, by her lights.

Thirdly, let’s admit that one of the few things that’s actually dumber than a beauty pageant, is a beauty pageant that doesn’t judge beauty.

On what basis are we to judge these women?  What is the goal here? How well they speak to such as shoes as global warming, veganism, immigrant status and so on? Once you get past the physical attraction, there isn’t anything there to draw viewers. Certainly the value signaling we’ve seen coming off contestants over the last couple of decades isn’t going to make Dime One. It’s not going to draw anybody’s attention. And guess what, gang? That was probably the intent of removing the only attraction in these events.