I mean it. Is Maxine Waters totally around the bend?

The answer unfortunately is no, she’s not.

It would be far too easy to label her as such and thereby dismiss her. But I dare to suggest to you that her attacks are well-timed and well-reasoned.

Like so many of the rest of the Democrat Party, including the Press, Maxine Waters is engaged in an advertising campaign, a PR stunt. Such things usually do not hold up well to close examination, but, that doesn’t mean that such campaigns are not effective, particularly when some people want to believe the nonsense. People buy advertising all the time and the reason they do so is because they make money off of it. It works.

There have been lots of calls particularly on social media for her arrest and her public humiliation, being dragged away in irons and so on, but Donald Trump seems to have the right idea, labeling mad Maxine the new face of the Democrat Party.

I believe it would be far more effective to let her continue doing what she’s doing. The Democrats are going to be forced by her continuance to do one of two things. Either shut her up, or Defend her.

Let’s see how that goes over at the midterms, hmmm?