As I suggested yesterday, #MeToo was brought out as a weapon to be used against conservatives, and against Donald Trump.

(Notice, please, that I refrain from calling The Donald a conservative.)

The question becomes would that weapon, #MeToo, have ever been sprung, had Hillary Clinton won the election? And, if in fact the left cares in the least about sexual harrassment, as an example.

We know that it would not have been sprung. Harvey Weinstein for example would still be Dr. Casting Couch, leftists would never have been forced to admit that they should have called Bill Clinton on his escapades, back in the day. Having such things associated with the left would be counter productive to the goal.

Now, however, all that’s fair game. And that, dear reader, is a measure of the left’s desperation. The left is collectively willing to sacrifice such people, so that they can employ their weapon against anything and anyone to the right, because they have nothing else to bring to bear… They have no other arrows in the quiver.If they happen to destroy a few of their own, so be it.

They are now absolutely desperate to shut down anyone, and any ideas they don’t approve of, to the point where they’re willing to destroy some of their own to achieve that goal… We both know that’s something they’d never have even considered before, and had Hillary Clinton been elected, such tactics still wouldn’t be used.

It would seem logical, in light of this, to ask if the left really cares at all about any of the causes they are supposedly championing, or if, rather, they’re trying to make out like the Lynch mob chasing them, is a parade they’re leading.