You know one of those things that I keep getting asked of late is am I uncomfortable with Donald Trump and his supposed lack of decorum. Such questions invariably point to his activities on Twitter.

I responf by saying first of all that Trump was never my guy to begin with. Secondly, I’m not much on Twitter.

But that said, perhaps one of the reasons he’s so effective is he refuses to give in to the calls for decorum from the people who are showing so little of it these days.

I refuse to be lectured about decorum by the Democrats who have shown so little of it.

Look, the echo hadn’t even died from Trump taking the oath of office before the Democrats were giving the Girl Scouts hell for having marched in his inaugural parade. Hollywood artists got into the act as well of course.

The kind of attitude and decorum that the left demands of Donald Trump these days is precisely what gave the left credibility and Power in the first place… they expect their statements and their craziness to be the end of the conversation. once the left has stated its position there can be no arguments, no discussion, no dissent.

Of course the fact of the matter is it hasn’t even begun… as a friend of mine told me the other day there’s only a certain level of craziness that you can argue with. Beyond that… There’s Maxine Waters. And beyond that is…. Bernie Sanders.

Give the Trump credit, he’s not playing that game. And that’s what’s got their knickers in a twist.