The former civil right group turn left wing extortionist, the Southern Poverty Law Center(SPLC) claim to fame was her lawsuit which bankrupted the Klu Klux Klan(KKK). The SPLC has since morphed into what she claims to hate, a group of extreme hatred and bigotry. Now in as the shoe turns department, the SPLC may meet her deserved fate, organizational death, with her own weapon, the civil lawsuit, from Daily Wire:

In a joint statement published Wednesday, dozens of leaders of nonprofits who are banding together for a potential defamation lawsuit against the Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) warned that those who rely on and repeat the “misrepresentations” of the left-wing organization are “complicit” in its defamation of American citizens.

“Editors, CEOs, shareholders and consumers alike are on notice: anyone relying upon and repeating its misrepresentations is complicit in the SPLC’s harmful defamation of large numbers of American citizens who, like the undersigned, have been vilified simply for working to protect our country and freedoms,” the leaders wrote.

Granted real hate group exist, Planned Parenthood for example. However it long past time for editors to quit outsources their demagoguery.