Eric Florack on June 21st, 2018

The United Nations initially was sold to the American people on the idea that nations of Goodwill could band together and positively influence the cultures of the whole world towards betterment. Toward the best of humanity. Since then however, it has been beset and overrun by the misguided notion that all cultures are equal… And […]

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Eric Florack on June 21st, 2018

Rick Moore: Koko the “talking” gorilla has died. I expect that before the day is out some lefty will state that Koko died of a broken heart over Trump’s immigration policy. I’m dyin, i tell ya

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davidl on June 21st, 2018

Rule Number One of business, keep your customers happy.   Two, make new customers.   Lesson for Starbucks, caving to the inane demands of social justice warriors by converting your former coffee shops into homeless shelters and shooting galleries violates both rules, from Washington Times: Starbucks may have appeased progressives with its social-justice workshops and open-bathroom policy, […]

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