I note with interest this morning an article in the American Spectator:

Pointing to “peace” organizations that the KGB saturated with dubious anti-American propaganda, Pacepa stated: “The quote from Senator Kerry is unmistakable Soviet-style sloganeering from this period. I believe it is very likely a direct quote from one of these organizations’ propaganda sheets.”

Andropov would proudly tell Pacepa that the KGB’s Vietnam campaign had been “our most significant success.” Thanks to the manipulation of the American peace movement.

One can debate where and when John Kerry got his information. What is undeniable, however, was its value to America’s enemy: the Viet Cong.

In Unfit for Command, John O’Neill recalls the experience of one his band of brothers, Bill Lupetti, a Navy corpsman who had treated injured Swift Boat soldiers. Lupetti was stationed at An Thoi, where both O’Neill and Kerry had served. For Memorial Day 2004, Lupetti returned to Vietnam, painfully visiting Ho Chi Minh City, wandering through the streets earnestly looking to find out whether certain Vietnamese friends had survived the merciless communist takeover enabled by the American withdrawal.

Lupetti happened upon the War Remnants Museum. Inside, he came to an exhibit dedicated to “heroes” who had helped the communists win the war. A wall plaque at the head of the exhibit stated: “We would like to thank the communist parties and working class countries of the world.” This included the “wholehearted support” of various “progressive human beings.”

Among those progressives represented in pictures, Lupetti glimpsed American campus radicals from the 1960s. (In fact, Jane Fonda’s smiling face was captured in a photo in a separate Women’s Museum in Ho Chi Minh City, standing aside Madame Binh.) And there, Lupetti was staggered by the sight of a photo of John Kerry — the Democratic Party’s presidential nominee that year. There he was, John Kerry, in a special exhibit honoring those whose “heroic” contributions had helped the Viet Cong defeat the United States.

The communist Vietnamese never forgot John Kerry’s testimony in 1971. It had been a great help. And perhaps today, in Iran, Kerry’s words are again being heralded, this time by the world’s worst theocratic terror state.

And the left wonders why we question John Kerry’s motivation here.

I’ll more than grant that a some of this is inadvertent support for the enemies of America, but as best I can tell stupidity is not much of a defense for one’s actions. In fact such a defense is so thin that I tend to discount it out of hand.

There’s another who likes to wave his military service in our faces, that I will be getting to when the time comes. But let’s focus on the overt leftist for the moment.

In that vein I note John Hawkins on Facebook this morning:

Obama’s move to overthrow Gaddafi after he cooperated with us to get rid of his WMD program was one of the worst foreign policy blunders of the last 50 years.

I tell him:

Was it a blunder? I doubt it.
If you wanted to undermine the dominating nature of American foreign policy going forward, how would you act differently?

Once you understand that Obama’s goal was and remains the removal of the United States from its preeminent position in the world, it all starts making sense.

That becomes applicable to Kerry as well, as far as I’m concerned. One cannot be that directly wrong that consistently without there being intent involved. Thus is the stupidity defense negated.

John Kerry was Obama’s Secretary of State because like any marriage, the two are of like mind. Then, too, there’s the family relationships of John Kerry to consider…

You see, years ago, we used to shoot traitors. These days they tend to join the Democratic Party.

Of course, there is Another Kind of Traitor who instead of joining the Democrat Party simply acts like a Democrat, and calls themselves a Maverick. And as I say I will write to that point when the time comes.

2 Responses to “We Used to Shoot People Like This. We Used to Call Them Traitors.”

  1. WE used to have a country Of, By and For the people.
    Time and entropy have changed that to a country of, by and for the politicians.
    Politicians use our money to keep undesirables out of their neighborhoods, and they’ve instituted sufficient controls to keep the people from changing it.

    They’ve even warped the minds of most of 2 full generations and drugged or imprisoned those they can’t control.
    Welcome to AmeriKa.

  2. I am fond of paraphrasing Abraham Lincoln, and asserting that we have a govern of the lawyers, by the lawyers and for the lawyers.