Sharyl Atkinson says:

“I think there’s a major fallacy in focusing on the 2016 election without understanding the bigger part of the picture: *why* bad actors in intel community were so desperate to not have Trump elected. It’s about what could be discovered about the past 10-20 years. Not just 2016.”

Well, yeah. We know Hillary von Pantsuit was worried about precisely that in her memos to her own people. We know this thanks to Donna Brazile among others.

“If that f***ing bastard wins, we’re all going to be hanging from nooses. You better fix this s**t”

-Hillary Clinton email to Donna Brazile on Oct. 17 2016

But just how deep does this thing go? How many people outside the DNC are involved? How much are our law enforcement agencies invested in political activities to support the Democrats?

We have always had indications and little Snippets of evidence is that our intelligence agencies have become weaponized political tools of the left. The problem is who do we get to investigate such matters and put things to rights?

Certainly not the FBI, they’re part of the problem.

This is just the tip of the iceberg, folks.

.And this is how they didn’t have to go to a judge, didn’t have to get a warrant to spy on these four people, and this is how the FBI was able to gather information on the Trump campaign with no judge needed. National security letter. Now, they did use a FISA warrant and include the dossier. They did do that, but they were using national security letters elsewhere. You know, one of the most amazing aspects of this, folks, is this story writes about reports on the Obama campaign spying on the opposition presidential candidate as though it’s nothing — as though it’s common and ordinary everyday practice!

I’m warning you right now is that the piece that Limbaugh refers to in the New York Times is set up by those trying to protect their little secrets. They’re trying to take the edge off of when all of this comes out.

This is the boiled frog syndrome, writ large.


.I’ll tell you what’s happening right now. The Mueller investigation is ongoing. It is a cover-up of basically what the New York Times has admitted to today. The Mueller investigation is designed to cover that up, to deflect everybody and to go through the motions of making people think there’s still something out there to find that Trump indeed stole the election. But things are falling apart for Mueller more rapidly than people admit — and how they end this, I don’t have any idea.

The problem is twofold.

First of all they can’t do that until at least the midterms. They have absolutely nothing to run on as I’ve suggested several times recently. So what we see here is that they’ve got to keep this chill game going at least until the midterm so they can salvage what seats they can in the Congress.

Secondly it’s becoming blatantly clear to Joe and Jane average that this entire Russia investigation is a huge nothing Burger, at least in so far as the Trump campaign is concerned. The real deal here is that every time another Avenue of Investigation is opened it does nothing but gray feel the corruption of the Democrats in and around Hillary Clinton and Barack Hussein Obama. Can’t have that. So all such evidence either gets suppressed to the degree it can be else it comes out in little dribs and drabs like the New York Times articles that Limbaugh refers to here.

(And who has the power and the mechanisms to do that by the way? Government. The FBI and the DOJ.)

The guys over at Q and O in conversation during last week’s podcast came up with an interesting suggestion.

Essentially Rod Rosenstein is refusing to provide congress with subpoenaed material. Rosenstein claims that the material is classified, despite congress’s oversight’s mandate. The president could order mr. Rosenstein to comply with the law and so far is providing congress with the material that they desire, which is completely legal and justified by the way, given that that is the law. Congress has oversight in these matters. If Rosenstein refuses, fire his sorry backside. I doubt there are many people who will not understand that if you got somebody that specifically refuses to obey the law, and Obey a presidential order to obey the law, they deserve to be on the street with an unemployment form in their hand. That scenario would put a pin in the balloon of this Mueller investigation, and I think it’s an Avenue that should be pursued.

Well done, guys. I wish you would Put something in writing on this point because I think it deserves examination.

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  1. You vastly underestimate the Power of STUPID.
    Team D has owned Public Education for 40 years.  History is GONE.
    Cursive is GONE.  Soon nothing written in Cursive will be readable.
    The masses have nearly been rendered enstupified.  The people with Diplomas are not educated, they are indebted and conditioned.

    The candidate who was entitled to follow the negro who wasn’t a Negro genetically was just premature in her run.  2020 should render the public dumb enough to buy her. 
    Hell We elected the unknown undocumented possibly foreign born clean kneeGrow, Hitlery should have been a shoe in for the Diploma Holders.  We just need more Diploma Holders.

    The Congress of Criminals will make noise because noise is necessary, but they hold no power so no real investigation will happen.  The Congress can’t even get anything but a raise and superior health care to go along with their special medications for mental malady.

    Be happy you’re old.