This diversity thing is in ordinary thinking rather strange. Every libtard claims to support diversity but none dare define it. Starbucks, the coffee chain of overprice coffee, after being scammed in Philadelphia and pledging to conduct chain wide diversity training, has decided that in doesn’t want too much diversity after all, from Tablet:

After two black men were arrested in a Philadelphia Starbucks earlier this month for doing nothing more than waiting for a man they were meeting, the coffee giant announced that it would provide employees in its 8,000 US locations with diversity training, and named the four experts it said will help lead the effort: Sherrilyn Ifill of the NAACP’s Legal Defense Fund, Bryan Stevenson of the Equal Justice Initiative, Heather McGhee of the liberal think tank Demos, and Jonathan Greenblatt, the ADL’s CEO. But Tamika Mallory, a leader of the Women’s March and vocal supporter of Louis Farrakhan, objected, saying in a tweet that the ADL was an organization dedicated to “constantly attacking black and brown people.”

Mallory’s bigoted observation might’ve swayed someone at Starbucks: Last week, the chain announced that while the other three experts will still lead the training, Greenblatt will not, and that the ADL will now be demoted to a secondary role alongside “a diverse array of organizations and civil rights experts” that will provide limited consulting to Starbucks.

It appears George Orwell was almost right: All animals are diverse, but some are more diverse than others. Little did I know that you can have diversity with blacks, or diversity with Jews, but you can’t have diversity with both blacks and Jews.

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  1. Sammy Davis would be very upset with this.
    Then again, he worked for his living.