So says David French, this morning.

The Left’s failure in the presidential election was glaringly obvious. You claim Trump is dishonest? So is Hillary Clinton. You claim that Trump’s financial dealings are shady? Let’s walk through Whitewater, cattle futures, and the Clinton Foundation. Trump is a predator? Voters who lived through the 1990s remember “bimbo eruptions,” Monica Lewinsky, a rape allegation, and a wife who consistently covered for her husband’s horrible behavior. The Clintons were a package deal, and that deal included a legacy of tawdry, shocking sexual scandal.

Hillary centered her entire campaign on the notion that Trump was a bad person. She was the worst candidate to make that argument. But when 2016 entered history, so did she. Her book tours and headline-grabbing gaffes notwithstanding, she’s largely yesterday’s news. The #Resistance, on the other hand, is fresh. And it has the moral authority that Hillary lacked. It can speak clearly about “norms” and “values.” It can condemn Trump’s multiple moral failings in the strongest possible terms, unencumbered by all that Clinton baggage.

At least until #MeToo.

French continues…

It’s difficult to overstate the extent to which conservative Americans have felt scolded and hectored. So how do you expect us to react when it’s revealed that all too many of the self-appointed moralists weren’t just the kind of preachers who’d run off with the secretary, they were the kind of monsters who’d press a button in their office, lock the secretary in the room, and assault her?

He’s accurate as far as he goes. There are other examples of course, indeed, too many to list.

Thing is, the double standards being applied here are not just limited to #Metoo.

Consider for example the spectacle of Barack Obama flying 72 planes to Paris to scold the remainder of the world about their use of energy as respect to global warming.

More recently there is the spectacle of Hillary Clinton arranging for dontions from the Russians to her fraudulent charity, ( for, in return, massive Mounts of uranium), while complaining falsely about Donald Trump colluding with those same Russians.

Then, while the Democrats are supposedly angry about Russion influence in the election… As yet far from proven, we have a Democrat Party seemingly bent on getting as many non-citizens as possible pulling levers in the voting booth.

This stuff has been going on for generations, of course. R. Emmit Terrell:

Democrats have been colluding with the enemy for years, going all the way back to the “Lion of the Senate,” Sen. Edward Kennedy. He colluded with the Soviet Union against then-President Jimmy Carter back in 1980, and in 1983 against then-President Ronald Reagan. Reagan’s foreign policy frightened Kennedy Democrats. The Lion of the Senate sought to establish a common front with the Soviets against the administration. A few years later, the president won the Cold War without them. It is a little amazing how rarely we hear nowadays that Ronald Reagan won the Cold War and Sen. Kennedy opposed him.

So now, after all this is been going on so blantantly, for longer than most people have been alive, we’re supposed to believe that the situation has taken a 180 degree turn and the Russians are now suddenly favoring the GOP?

Obviously, all this had to come to a head, eventually. Or, put another way if you like, the chickens had to back to roost eventually. That increasing unease.. nay, anger… is precisely why I suggested at the last cycle that we could elect a real conservative… A chance we simply have not had since Reagan. And thus my support, then and since, for Ted Cruz. Face it, Clinton was so bad a candidate (as French mentions) that about anyone would have beat her.

Is it any wonder that nobody believes the Democrats anymore? Is it any wonder that The Democrats were so soundly rejected at the last cycle?

Their double standards have caught up with them at last.

Now if only we can keep the establishment GOP from mucking it all up.