* Let’s talk about Chance, and about Kanye West for a minute.

I’ve had my problems with both of them, particularly West, for years now.

Thing is, it appeared to me even back in the day is that the whole rap thing was about rebellion against the establishment. So now, here we are with rappers starting to turn on the left.

Should we take this as a sign that the left has become the hated establishment?

* Speaking of the left as the establishment, let’s talk about John McCain. I notice in his latest book, he Rambles on about how he has brain cancer and so Now’s the Time to speak his mind. A bit of irony, that. He spent his entire life time since Vietnam speaking out against conservatives, and blocking them on every possible occasion. So with a dramatic flare about speaking his mind since he has brain cancer, what does he do? He spends more time speaking out against conservatives. You will forgive me if I’m unimpressed. We’re supposed to be sympathetic because he’s losing his mind. I suggest that happened decades ago. His record in the Senate seems proof of that. It’s past time for this guy to disappear into the VA Hospital… a system he spent years doing absolutely nothing about despite all the rhetoric.

*From the world of reality Detachment we find that the little gargoyle up in North Korea wants the West to invest in his country. A McDonald’s style investment. Apparently he doesn’t understand that because of his policies, nobody has any money to spend at those stores he wants put into place.

I keep waiting for the other shoe to drop on this one.  The only thing we’ve been able to trust this guy to do is to go exactly the opposite of any agreement he’s made.

And I wonder do we really want to be making deals with North Korea, where the only fat person in North Korea continues to run the place? On what basis do we continue to support the literal enslavement of an entire country?

* Oh and speaking of dropping shoes, did anyone notice that Iran got called on their lies? Since Iran lied, it seems reasonable to aver that Barack Hussein Obama did as well. And I keep seeing chatter that Obama received idly percentage of those pallets of cash that were delivered to Iran.

One Response to “Catching Up”

  1. One theory in motion is Iran was conducting KimJungLard’s nuke program and that little deal crapped the bed when they blew the top off Nuke Mountain pissing off both Russia and China, resulting in Lardo finding himself alone.

    Bear in mind one of his border guards who beat feet South a few months ago had a belly full of dirt and tapeworm.  He can’t feed his own protectors, and now has them working farms to hopefully keep their bellies full. 

    Kimboy is not sitting in a good seat, and he has no choice but to find new friends.  5 years out isn’t predictable in this situation.  It certainly isn’t and won’t be German reunification.  Always keep in mind, Fatboy can blow 1 dam and drown half of S Korea in 30 minutes.  He doesn’t need Nukes.  If he doesn’t have to buy bullets he can buy food.