In 1939, Adolf Hitler was nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize. I suggest to you that we would be reminded both loudly and endlessly by every leftist nerd on the planet were Donald Trump to ever be nominated for that prize. Of course, they’d be forgetting the recent history.

I say this not in defense of Donald Trump, but rather to point out both the moral and ethical worthlessness of the Nobel Prize and to point out the degree to which the opposition to Trump from both establishment Republicans and Democrats along with leftists the world over (whom I lothe and detest equally) have become just plain nuts.

So, please, Trump supporters, do continue to point out that despite having brought peace to the Korean peninsula…. (something that nobody else has been able to do)… Trump has not been nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize. Such double standards…. particularly when they are this glaring, do need to be pointed out…. But please stop demanding that he be cursed with such a nomination.

It only serves to add moral and popular weight to an organization that should have been stripped of it in 1939 and certainly should have been ignored then and since.