It strikes me as both amazing and instructive that while YouTube has been clamping down and attempting to silence conservative voices for years, it was a progressive that ended up shooting up the place.

It should also be a lesson to anyone watching closely that a woman managed to get her hands on a gun in an area of the country that has some of the strongest anti-gun laws in the country and indeed in the world. So much for the value of anti gun laws.

And, isn’t it amazing how quiet the internet has gotten, particularly from Progressives, who were quite quick to authoritatively suggest, even before the bodies were cold, that the shooter was a conservative white male Christian, when they found out that the shooter was in fact female, and Iranian immigrant, a vegan, and a strong supporter of the Democrat Party?

Has YouTube given us the most recent Vivid example of the value of gun-free zones? Did the employees at YouTube discover the value of the anti-gun rhetoric that the company has been spewing?

It’s also interesting that while the anti-gun Lobby has been screaming about these types of shootings being the fault of the NRA, none of whose members were involved, there has been a reluctance from the gun lobby to blame PETA, for one of its members shooting up YouTube.

Here it is folks. If we could just get Democrats to stop shooting each other, the majority of gun violence would simply disappear.