Yeah. Unexpectedly.

Buddy Ed Morrissey notes:

A new poll from ABC and the Washington Post puts the two parties close to a virtual dead head in the generic congressional ballot:

With the Republicans’ House majority at risk, 47 percent of registered voters say they prefer the Democratic candidate in their district, while 43 percent favor the Republican. That four-point margin compares with a 12-point advantage Democrats held in January. Among a broader group of voting-age adults, the Democrats’ margin is 10 points, 50 percent to 40 percent. …

Democrats hold an advantage ahead of the midterm elections, but a Washington Post-ABC News poll shows that edge has narrowed since January, a signal to party leaders and strategists that they could be premature in anticipating a huge wave of victories in November.

Reality, you see, is beginning to settle in.

Over at Townhall, Kurt Schlichter notices the polling as well, and says in part:

There is a huge opinion schism between conservatives inside the Beltway who think a midterm Democrat tsunami is coming, and many conservatives outside the swamp, in America, who are not so sure. One thing is certain – the gimp box media and the left’s Fredcon enablers are working overtime to psych us out and make defeat a done deal. But nothing is a done deal. We have six months. The Republicans just need to get smart and fight.

Well, that might be a tall order for the Republicans, as I’ve written many times in these spaces. Now, more than ever, the GOP needs to lose its fear of actually being conservative. It is in fact the path to Victory, because I tell you true, it’s perceived by this writer along with I think the majority of the country, to be the only way we’re going to save the country.

As Shlichter himself says:

Yes, the Democrats do have a major advantage in the fact that the Republican establishment, especially in Congress, is largely a gaggle of drooling idiots. From Sissy Sasse to Foamy Marco, these fussy failures seem determined to demoralize the base with their tedious moralizing about how “We are better than that” and “Oh, well I never.” The GOP would have no problem if these dorks had just one tenth the will to win as they do the will to posture for the benefit of a liberal media that hates them and that will disembowel them the moment they stop being useful idiots and become merely idiots.

That said, let’s remember the Democrats tried to psych us out in Hillary Clinton’s non-election as well. They tried to pass it off as a done deal.

I’m pretty sure we all know how that one worked out.