Ok, life is a terminal disease.   Mortal physicians limited power to cure human afflictions, and health care funding is not finite.  That said, to prevent or force a person’s free choice of travel is called kidnapping, and in a civilized nation is is a crime, from Federalist:

A British doctor treating Alfie Evans told reporters off the record his parents won’t be allowed to take their child out of the hospital, even to die at home, unless there is a “sea change” in their attitude.

Alfie’s parents are battling the hospital and the government of the United Kingdom to continue caring for their little boy, who is suffering from an undiagnosed condition that British doctors say has rendered him terminally ill. Although he was taken off life support Monday night, Alfie has continued to live with the help of an oxygen tank. The courts have ruled his parents cannot take him out of the country, and have allowed the hospital to keep Alfie in their “care” by force.

Granted, Alfie Evans is dying.  His doctor can not cure him.  The NHS can not afford to pay for his continued treatment.  Howwever, by keeping young Evans in their “care” despite their inability to treat him and despite his parents desire for his treatment to end. the British hospital, has kidnapped young Evans. This is what Comrade Bernie Sanders wishes to impose the citizens of the United States.