Roger Stone has his opinion of the late Barbara Bush, and he is letting it be known, from Red State:

“She is descending into hell right now. She’s not going to heaven. She was a bad person,” Stone told controversial website Wednesday.

Now unlike Mr. Stone, I don’t claim to have inside knowledge of where the soul of Barbara Bush resides.  Then neither does Mr. Stone.  That having been said, I ask Mr. Stone the basis of his bold asssertion.

First, no being an expert on religous doctrine, I ask Mr. Stone, what particular religious doctrine is he citing?  The Christian god holds that we are all sinner, both me and Mr. Stone included.  That good works will not ascend a mortal sinner to heaven, but rather only those who accept God as their savior and ask for his forgiveness will enter the Pearly Gates.

So Mr. Stone describes a Biblical version of Hell, but poses a decidedly non-Christian admission standard to Heaven.  Mr. Stone what is your religion?

Then as to Barbara, she knew her end was near, but apparently was not afraid to depart this Earth.  In other words, Mrs.Bush acted like a women who knew she was saved and believed where she w as going.  That is Mrs. Bush professed to be a Christian and appeared to believe in what she professed.