This is a calculated move if I’ve ever seen one.

ALBANY — Gov. Andrew M. Cuomo announced on Wednesday that he intends to restore voting rights to felons on parole, a move that could open the ballot box to more than 35,000 people.

The mechanism through which Mr. Cuomo plans to do so is unusual: He would consider pardons for all 35,000 people currently on parole in New York, as well as any new convicted felons who enter the parole system each month.

The move amounts to a legal sidestep of the State Legislature, where the Republican-controlled Senate has opposed many of Mr. Cuomo’s proposed criminal justice reforms. It does not change state law, which currently bars convicted felons from voting unless they are on probation or have completed parole.


Look, from Andrew Cuomo’s point-of-view, Justice is anything that keeps Democrats in power.

Let’s make no mistake about this. A little over half of the Parolees in New York state live in New York City which is the only part of the state that voted for Cuomo, and outside of the 5 boroughs every area of New York State voted against him.

Do you have a better picture of what’s driving this now?

If Cuomo thought for a second that these people would be voting for The GOP and voting him out of office, he’d be campaigning to build larger jails so that he could put them back in them.

As it is with everywhere outside of New York City voting against him he almost found his presidential aspirations dispatched by the voters. This is nothing more than a move to prevent that from happening at the next election.

One Response to “Cuomo Plans to Restore Voting Rights to Paroled Felons.”

  1. Note that He who couldn’t satisfy a Kennedy girl only granted voting rights to Parolees.
    He did NOT return voting rights to Felons who have completed either Probation or done their time.

    Parole is a special class of wonderful people.