So China caved in on the trade War.

BEIJING — President Xi Jinping promised Tuesday to cut China’s auto tariffs and improve intellectual property protection in possible concessions aimed at defusing a worsening dispute with Washington over trade and technology that investors worry could set back the global economic recovery..

Look, the only reason that China was rattling its swords in this affair was because they had hoped that the GOP Congress Critters would override Trump.

Somehow, however they caved before that could happen.

Of course the problem now is that the GOP establishment still hasn’t learned their lesson I will bet.

As for what CBS calls investor worries, at some point the Press is going to have to assume going into a situation that Trump will win.

For eight years, the downturns in our economy and the failures in our foreign policy were labeled by our leftist friends in the Press as “unexpected”.

These days, they’re treating Trump and his winning as unexpected… As you see in the CBS article.

What do you suppose that Trend means?