You have to wonder what part of the Bill of Rights do the thugs of the Broward County Sheriff’s Office loath the most, the First or the Second Amendment? From Daily Wire:

On Wednesday, the Broward County Sheriff’s Office released its police report on its grilling of Parkland pro-Second Amendment student Kyle Kashuv. Kashuv has spent the past several weeks meeting with legislators on both the right and the left in an attempt to broker legislation that would reduce violence in schools. But after Kashuv visited a gun range for instruction alongside his father, he was called in by armed school security for an interview.

First off, we know that Mr. Kashuv was unarmed. The thugs of the BCSO would have never confronted a student who was armed. So what set off the BCSO thugs? Was it the fact the young Mr. Kashuv dared safely exercise this Second Amendment Rights, or was it the fact that Mr. Kashuv dared exercise his First Amendment right by posting a video? We have never know. Tyrants, abhor all freedom.

I offer a modest suggestion, ib order not to offend with the social justice pansies at Parkland or the armed thugs of the BCSO, I suggest that next time Mr. Kashuv posts a video it be one his father giving him the Jerry Sandusky. I am sure that neither Parkland or the BCSO would dare to object.