Roger Simon notes the firing of McCabe and says in part:

.Forget Watergate. It will be the distant past once the inspector general’s reports—there apparently will be more than one—start to come out. This will be the “Gate of Gates.”

From the FBI and across the intelligence agencies an astonishing number of people are going to find themselves accused, one can safely predict at this point, of some atrocious behavior in a free republic. And it will not just be the small change of Peter Strzok (the dimwitted director of counter-intelligence) and his gal pal Lisa Page. It will include—on one level or another—James Comey, Loretta Lynch, John Brennan, James Clapper, Susan Rice and, almost inevitably, Barack Obama, not to mention others known and unknown.

All these people’s reputations will be damaged forever for the pathetic purpose of getting Hillary Clinton elected president and later for their determination to manipulate the FBI and intelligence agencies to wound as severely as possible Trump’s presidency. That they didn’t stop to think that they might be wounding America at the same time is extraordinarily selfish and nauseating.

Further, that a Russia collusion investigation was employed by these people for their nefarious purposes is darkly ironic because their technique itself reeks of Stalin’s NKVD.

Democrats, who are all over Twitter at the moment defending McCabe, are making a huge mistake. They will be embarrassed when the details come out. The Office of Professional Responsibility is not a partisan adjunct of the Republican Party or anything close. Furthermore, it was the Democratic Party that called for the inspector general to investigate. He was appointed by Obama. As the old saying goes, be careful what you wish for.



Several points here.

First, that it’s been amusing in the extreme to watch the people who until recently have considered and have spoken openly of Trumps use of Twitter to be sophomoric, now suddenly making use of the service in an apparent mood of desperation…. Apparently recognizing that they themselves are now under the magnifying glass.

As Roger suggests, the Russia collusion investigation has proven itself repeatedly to be a total sham, invented and carried out for political purposes… And the animals that Roger mentions, are scared to death. That fear tells me that Simon is right… McCabe’s firing is the opening Salvo, and they know it.

And mind you, this is just speculation, but it’s my feeling that it’s no accident, the similarity of the tactics being employed in this case, and Stalin’s NKVD, as Roger mentions. Wounding America? Isn’t that precisely what a good Stalinist would have in mind? And what does this say about the Clintons and about Obama? What does this say about the people leaping to the defense of McCabe?

Understand, as I’ve said in these columns many times Trump was never my guy, and I still have problems with him. It seems to me, however, that there’s a goodly number of people who have been mocking those of us concerned about the Deep state and it’s overtly Stalinist tactics who are about to be shown a rather healthy dose of reality… It’s something that I would never have predicted prior to the last election.

It seems to me that that alone is worth the price of admission to the Trump circus.

And by the way… In my estimation, if there’s enough evidence to fire McCabe for his actions while in his office, there’s enough evidence for criminal charges… Which means he won’t have to worry about his pension. His housing and meals will be covered by the government, just a different branch.

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  1. “All these people’s reputations will be damaged forever for the pathetic purpose of getting Hillary Clinton elected….”

    — Getting Hillary elected wasn’t the goal; while extremely important, it was simply one small component of the longer-running schemes.