Hey, guys

Let me preface this comment by reminding you all that Trump was never my guy to begin with. I am down to backing him when he’s right and saying he’s wrong when he’s wrong… And being unsure when that happens

Let me also say that I am by Nature against tariffs.

All that said, I observe two things;

As Dale points out most of the time guns are used in self-defense simply by brandishing them not necessarily by firing them.

I also observe as you guys have already pointed out that Trump is wildly unpredictable and certainly doesn’t play by the pooitical rules that have been established for many years.

As a bonus, the Tariff or at least the threat of it is the only tool available to bring trading partners back into line.

I am by no means defending Trump on this nor am I arguing for tariffs. But with all of this together I can’t help but Wonder if what we are seeing here isn’t trying to get a point across by brandishing a weapon that he doesn’t intend to use…. Or at least hopes that he won’t have to.

This is why I haven’t reacted with anger on these threats from Trump.

Similarly, his comments as regards confiscating the gun first and then going through due process later can and should anger conservatives at the least.

But that said under what other possible conditions could we see the anti-gun left pushed into the position of defending the Second Amendment and due process?

I can only suggest out of all of this that the rules of the game have changed rather dramatically and the best policy out of all of this seems to be to sit back and wait developments before making pronouncements, particularly given the media that’s Trump and his comments get filtered through.