Even people without a medical degree understand that a body can only withstand so much poison in its system before it ceases to function.

So it is with cultures.

I think we can agree that this country and the West as a whole is culturally the foundation of freedom in this world. Nobody else on the planet sees freedom as we do as a culture.

The reason for that is our American roots in our judeo-christian ethic.

I asked in these spaces a few weeks ago if anyone could possibly see in America being created by Islam. The obvious answer is no.

The reason for this disparity goes back to the time of the Reformation. Concepts of individual freedom and individual value, that every person has value Trace their Roots back through Martin Luther and back to Mosaic law.

We are now faced, alas, with large groups of people wishing to Tear us away from that Foundation. We are also faced with large numbers of people who in the name of diversity are allowing large amounts of this poison into our society and our culture.

Like the body, it will not withstand so much poison for so long.

I believe as Ronald Reagan put it America is the bulwark of Freedom. The Shining City on the hill. If America fails in its duty to protect the vision of individual value the founders valued so highly, what will become of it? Not only here in these not so United States but around the world?

It’s as I said some years ago now…

“TRrouble is our culural values, our society is in fact the best hope for the rights you seek. In short, you’re attempting self-destruction.
Here it is; Rights are a cultural construct, and meaningless outside that construct. As I said in the article linked above: Rights are not universal.
When Jefferson wrote that “WE HOLD THESE TRUTHS TO BE SELF-EVIDENT” he was not speaking a universal truth at all. The operative word in that phrase is “WE”.
Rather than talking about a universal point of view, a universal truth, if you will, he was instead talking about the point of view of WE the new American culture. With this angle, many of the long-held myths about rights tend to disappear.
Consider; if it was in fact a universal truth that all men were created equal, it wouldn’t have been such a radical idea, for the time, much less then to now. Last I checked, it is quite true that a vast majority still do not consider these as any kind of truth, universal or otherwise; they consider them to be anything BUT self-evident. Royalty still exists, as do class structures, and slavery, as well.
Again, I say…Jefferson was speaking of the point of view of OUR culture, not that of others.
The fact of the matter is that RIGHTS ARE A CULTURAL CONCEPT, and are nigh on meaningless outside that construct.
Once the culture is allowed to fall to cultures hostile to Western ideas and ideals including the concept of individual rights themselves… what happens to those rights?

They disappear. And frankly, I don’t see that is serving the cause of Freedom well. Or, at all.”

I will leave you with the word picture which I believe is an example of our problems. Perhaps you don’t know this but the vehicle that was being driven around Boston by the Marathon bombers had a coexist sticker on it.

Think about that.

Folks, those who tolerate everything stand for nothing. Will you not stand up for American culture and its unique position in the world?