It is not that the liberals don’t like the Second Amendment.   Rather, they hate the very concept of any right presumed to endowed by the creator.

One, from Daily Wire:

A history teacher at a California high school who dared to question her school’s participating in the hyper-political pro-gun control National School Walkout has been placed on leave.

Julianne Benzel said she opened up a discussion in her classroom about the politics of the protest and was subsequently told to stay home on Wednesday because the administration disagreed with her views.

Two, from Mike LaChance, Legal Insurrection:

The progressive left’s views on gender are not compatible with science. We covered this story in a recent quick take but more details have become available. A student named Lake Ingle was recently ejected from a religion class by a feminist professor for arguing that biologists only recognize two genders.

The student would have been better off to avoid the term gender, except when used to refer to nouns, and stick to question of sex.

Three, more via Mike LaChance, Legal Insurrection:

Saying ‘God bless you’ after sneeze listed as microaggression on college’s anti-oppression guide

Saying “God bless you” after someone sneezes is listed as a microaggression on a lengthy “anti-oppression” guide posted online by Simmons College.

I wonder how long it will be before the thought police come after “Bless his heart?”    The phrase both assumes the existence of a divine deity and a specific sex of the second person.   How horrible.