I tend to agree with Mark Tapscott here :

It was those same Washington Republicans who wrung their hands in dismay when Reagan called the Soviet Union “an evil empire.” Then they advised Reagan not to say “Mr. Gorbachev, tear down this wall.” But look who won the Cold War. It was Reagan, not the Washington Republicans.

And can you guess who went into free-market meltdowns when Reagan imposed a five-year tariff on Japanese motorcycles that had Harley Davidson, America’s lone bike manufacturer, on the ropes? Four years later, Harley wanted the tariff to be dropped because the firm couldn’t keep up with demand. Neither could the Japanese, by the way, thanks to the Reagan economic boom.

Look…I’ve said here before and I still hold to the idea that Donald Trump is not the next Ronald Reagan. He was certainly never my guy.

. And as I suggested yesterday, I have my differences with him…. Most recently in yesterday’s bit, his signing that spending bill. (I am certainly convinced that for example Ted Cruz would have never signed such a monstrosity…) …But as Tapscott suggests in his piece, Trump has more in common politically speaking with the American people than does the establishment GOP, and certainly the Democrats.

Which in turn is precisely why both parties and why the fedeal law enforcement and intelligence agencies as well are apparently all fixated on the idea of bringing this presidency down… As they were Reagan’s.

(I’ll get to the FBI and the CIA the NSA and so on in a later Post)

But obviously now comes the question… How to eliminate the establishment GOP without electing Democrats?

Clearly, the primary process is not working toward that goal. We have complained bitterly in these spaces about the Democrat Party rigging its own primary for the benefit of Hillary Clinton. But why has so little been said about the primary process being rigged against actual conservatives like Cruz?

I’ve been waving the banner on this one for over two decades now. As an example…

.Alas, so it is with me GOP leadership. The rank and file of the GOP is by far more conservative than the leadership is, and has a better idea of what we are supposed to be about. The leadership is so wrapped up in its fearful traditions, that it stands no chance whatsoever to fight for the values they claim to support. Which, in turn, is how we end up with the John McCains the Mitt Romney’s and the Jeb Bush’s of the world. And how it is that we have a huge number of the of the rank and file sitting on their hands during every election cycle.

One can easily understand why the conservative gets disrespected by the GOP leadership. After all, they are being asked by the tenants of the conservatism to reject the use of the power that they have in their hands to “effect change”. It doesn’t take too many years for somebody with power in their hands to start seeing it as a good thing as opposed to the evil that needs to be controlled as the founders saw it. I suggest that this is precisely why the founders never foresaw the terror of multi-decade “service” in government. Do you know, that if there was a 12 year limit on service in Congress for example, was that over a half of the congressman and senators would have to go find themselves a real job?

Clearly the intent of the founders was to make sure that people coming into both houses of Congress would not be there long enough to become infected by the love of power. By the love of government power.

There’s something else, here too. The GOP establishment is deathly afraid of being seen as conservative, because they’re still shooting at the political center. Well, children, the political center is a myth. It does not exist in this country. Never has.

Consider the liberal reaction also to George W Bush, whom they compared to Adolf Hitler. And Bush wasn’t a conservative. Neither was his old man. Both of them were at best centrists. Trust me when I tell you, that the left isn’t going to like this any less if we actually stand up for our beliefs.

Which brings me to my final point for this lesson. There’s a reason they don’t stand up for our beliefs, the leadership. It’s because they don’t believe in them. I’ll say this again, the GOP leadership needs to be replaced immediately.

We are now seeing indications that the GOP rank and file has had enough and is about to go nuclear on the leadership. 15 years ago I argued against such an eventuality. Its to the point now where I’m actually looking forward to it because I see it as the only way to save the GOP.

But, I can’t remember a time when the need for holding the GOP establishment feet to the fire on putting forward actual conservatives was more needful.

And at this point I wonder if even that will be successful in getting things back in line, so great is the damage.