So where are the lawsuits against Steele from the Democrats?

I mean, if I had spent the kind of money that Democrats did to obtain that dossier and it turns out to be exposed as complete garbage, I’m dragging his butt the court before the echo dies.

But, no, nothing from the Democrats, nothing from Hillary Clinton. And, unlike so many people who have crossed the Clintons before, Steele himself is still alive so obviously the Clintons aren’t annoyed with this situation that they paid for despite it having been proven as totally false.

So where is the anger? Could it be that the Democrats got what they paid for? An absolute piece of crap that could be thrown at the wall in the hopes it would stick and save Hillary Clinton’s candidacy?

Or is there something deeper going on here? It has been pointed out several times that the left will always accuse the other side of what they’ve been doing. Can it be that this was a document designed to take the heat off of Hillary Clinton and Company for their collusion with the Russians? That they got precisely what they paid for?