An ad executive for Facebook speaks up a couple of days ago and says…

When something involving this many people is so clumsy and ineffective towards the stated goal it seems logical to question whether or not it wasn’t back to cover operation for something else… Which most people who have studied the Soviets and their tactics will tell you would not be at all unusual.

One interesting little side note contained within Muller’s indictments is that the Russians were in fact trying to help the elective chances of Bernie Sanders. I’m sure that’s going to play out eventually…not.

Frankly most of the stuff in the indictments don’t even register as a crime …unless posting silly crap on Facebook that nobody’s going to see is to be registered as a crime.

Does anybody remember when Obama told the world (or, at least the five people that were watching MSNBC at the time) that Russia interfering in our election process would like an ant on an elephant’s butt?

Funny thing is the Press and the Democrats.. (but I repeat myself) back then were willing to accept that at face value and we never heard about it again. At least, until such time as a Democrat wasn’t in the White House.

After Hillary Clinton lost her presidential bid suddenly it was a big deal.

As for the effectiveness of special prosecutors, does anybody remember the name Patrick Fitzgerald?

Mr. Fitzgerald on his first day in his new job as special prosecutor as regards the Valerie Plame affair knew… on the very first day… the seat wasn’t even warm yet…knew that it was in fact Richard Armitage who had leaked Valerie Plame’s name to Robert Novak. He also knew on his first day that there was no crime.

Yet he spent the next several weeks putting people under oath supposedly investigating the crime that never happened. He got one conviction. Scooter Libby for a simple difference in memory. Libby’s sentence was eventually commuted by President Bush, an act which of course had the left howling in anger. But that conviction was the only thing that Fitzgerald ever got aside from a few million dollars in tax money, and a mess of political mileage.

In other words the whole thing turned out to be a nothingburger, with Fitzgerald reaping the financial Rewards of a special prosecutor and the political rewards from his fellow Democrats.

The Democrats got to raise hell about the Iraq War for several more months… And the ironic part about that is Richard Armitage was in fact against the Iraq War anyway.

The fact of the matter is that special prosecutors very seldom get convictions that have anything to do with the supposed to be crimes that they were originally supposed to investigate. And this supposed investigation is proving to be more of the same.

I believe it was Dale Franks in a Q&O podcast that suggested a special prosecutor is a pretty Groovy Little gig. Nobody can fire you, you can work as long as you say you’re going to work and just to Justify Your Existence you throw up indictments that have nothing to do with the original crime that you were supposed to be investigating.

This Russia collusion business is proving to be more of the same. It’s time to shut it down.