Forget it Eric, it is Broward County.

Former Broward County Sheriff Deputy  Scot Peterson was paid circa seventy-five thousand dollars a year to protect the students of Stoneman-Douglas High School.   Not only did he not succeed.  He never even tried, from Don Surber:

Sheriff Scott Israel told reporters that watching Peterson stay outside the building instead of engaging the shooter was devastating.

“These families lost their children, we lost coaches. I’ve been to the funerals. I’ve been to the homes where they’re sitting shiva. I’ve been to the vigils. It’s just, there are no words,” the sheriff said.

Sheriff Israel immediately suspended Peterson without pay. Peterson then resigned.

We are told that citizens don’t need guns because the police have guns. Yet in Parkland, the police were both armed and on scene. Yet stood by impotent. What good is an armed guard no more potent that a cigar store Indian?

Note that Peterson was not a bug in Sheriff Scott Israel’s he was a feature, from Last Refuge:

The Broward County Sheriff’s Office (BSO) didn’t “miss warning signs” or make “mistakes” in not writing up reports. The Sheriff’s office did exactly what their internal policies, procedures and official training required them to do, they intentionally ignored the signs, and intentionally didn’t generate documents. Example:

Are there enough good citizens on Broward County, to send Sheriff Israel packing?