VDH today:

..FISA-gate is not just an upside-down Watergate. It also forces us to rethink Watergate itself. The facts, of course, that led to Nixon’s 1974 resignation are unchanged and condemnatory. But the relative eagerness to uncover them can be recalibrated by the contrast with FISA-gate.

In other words, was it really principle and concern for the transparent and blind administration of justice that drove the original and necessary official and media investigation of Nixon? Or, in some measure, did the furor over Nixon arise over his seemingly odious politics and person that for decades had enraged his enemies?

FISA-gate, and the media’s response to it, is not so much another Watergate as an anti-Watergate. The disconnect with the past begs us to redefine the story of Watergate itself 45 years later: Was it what Richard Nixon did, or who Richard Nixon was, that ignited the scandal?

Victor’s points are quite correct of course.

What the Democrats have been doing for the last few decades going back through the Clinton misadministration tends to make Watergate look like a Sunday school picnic by comparison.

One could logically ask the question did Nixon get railroaded for political purposes, given what worse crimes of Democrats have received in the way of attention and prosecution subsequently?

I hasten to add that I don’t perceive Victor’s questions nor do I intend my own to be a defense of Richard Nixon by any means.

Rather I think we’re both seeking to point out the huge Delta between the crimes and prosecution’s then to now. Does it reveal something more Sinister going on in terms of intent on the part of the Democrats?