Kimberly Strassel unloaded on Twitter yesterday. I’ve taken her tweetstorm, and compiled it to this:

Why isn’t the (mostly) unredacted Grassley memo front page news? Here’s why:

1) Because it confirms the Nunes memo and blows up the Schiff talking points (which the media ran with).

2)It is confirmation that the FBI’s FISA application relied on the dossier and a news article, and worse, on the credibility of a source in the employ of the Clinton campaign.

3) It is proof that the FBI did not tell the Court the extraordinarily partisan provenance of the dossier.

4) It provides evidence that the FBI presented the FISA Court with materially false evidence, in the claim that Steele had not talked to the press. And then shows that even after Steele admitted under oath that he had, the FBI did not tell the FISA Court in its renewal.

5) It provides evidence that Steele was getting information from the Clinton team itself! Via the State Department! So now, not only do we have a dossier based on unnamed shady Russians, but on Sidney Blumenthal. How much of this was engineered by the Clinton campaign from start?

..“The bulk of the application” against Page was dossier material…“The application appears to contain no additional information corroborating the dossier allegations against Mr. Page.” In other words, they seem to have treated the dossier as evidence, not as a lead. That’s big news.

Of course they treated it as evidence. The whole thing was designed to look as if it was Intelligence gathered by the FBI instead of what it was.

The trail on these crimes keeps coming back to Hillary Clinton and Barack Hussein Obama.