This is somewhat worse than I thought.

The FBI relied heavily on the dubious Steele dossier, as well as a Yahoo! News article based on the salacious document, to obtain a surveillance warrant against a Trump campaign adviser prior to the 2016 election, according to an explosive but controversial memo approved for release by the White House on Friday.

. The Steele dossier is still very much the very basis of the so-called Trump collusion investigation. It has never been verified, cannot be verified, and is known to be written by somebody who was absolutely desperate in his own words to prevent Donald Trump from being president, with the help of two Russian operatives.

Both the FBI and the doj knew this but they continued with it for one simple reason…

Without the Steele dossier, the Democrats and the FBI had nothing. They wouldn’t have even been able to apply to spy on Trump and his people.

The thing is the Steele dossier has never been verified because it can’t be verified, the FBI knew it was a lie and not only went to the fisa court initially knowing it was a lie, they went back and renewed it several times… Without providing to the court that additional information.

And here’s the kicker: This unverified fantasy called the Steele dossier was paid for by Hillary Clinton.

These are all established facts.

The only collusion going on here is between the Hillary Clinton campaign the Russians and the FBI and doj.