Ben Shapiro makes some serious points in his most recent article

..On Thursday night, the American public learned two bombshell pieces of information regarding the Parkland, Florida mass shooting. First, we learned that the Broward County Sheriff’s Office was told in November that the Parkland shooter “could be a school shooter in the making” but deputies didn’t bother to write up a report; that report “came just weeks after a relative called urging BSO to seize his weapons.” Then, in even more shocking news, we learned that an armed school resource officer at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School sat outside and waited for four minutes during the six minute attack that ended in the deaths of 17 human beings..

Sadly, this is just the beginning.
As I stated earlier today let’s remember the Broward county is the county that had its own version of electile dysfunction… Recount after recount after recount trying to allow Al Gore to steal the election back in the day.
It appears that things haven’t changed much down there.
I’ll take the opportunity also to make the point that Hillary Clinton told us a while ago that government’s primary role was raising children. Apparently the most recent election is the result of Americans looking at the product of government raising children…. Which in turn is now scrambling to find a way to control the little monsters that they’ve created.