So, let me see if I understand all of this.

Less than a year ago liberals in America were complaining that the police were a bunch of murdering Thugs and shouldn’t be trusted.

So now, because the police weren’t doing their job in Broward County and a mass shooting took place we’re told that the only people that should have guns are the police.

Of course we’re being told this by recently proclaimed constitutional experts who are 17 years old and who last week were eating laundry detergent pods.

Despite their dietary choices they’ve managed to put together a bus tour, a CNN town hall, and a large number of protests across the country all on their own.

The weapon that the shooter used is an AR-15, roundly criticized by the gun grabbing leftists as a weapon of War… But yet is rifle that is used by no military in the world.

And then we find out that the police… You know, the ones that these teenagers were saying or supposed to be the ones to have guns because they will protect us and that carrying a personal firearm is an act of cowardice, were hiding in safety while the students they were supposed to be protecting were being shot.

We find out that the sheriff of Broward County which by the way is the Florida county which leans most to the left in the entire state has been hobnobbing with Infamous left us for quite some time now. We also find out that his Sheriff’s Department was called to the scene of the shooters house dozens of times that both the sheriff’s department and the top law enforcement agency in the country have had many warnings about this idiot and did nothing.

And the only solution to all of this is to give up our firearms and turn more power over to the federal government.

And of course the whole thing is the fault of Republicans, and the NRA.

So is this all clear, so far?