For a long time now I’ve been wondering at what point would Democrats (and those further to the left, even) would run out of things to be offended about.

Well, I have to tell you that I wonder no longer because we have officially reached the bottom of the pile.

Now that the Cleveland Indians have dropped their controversial “Chief Wahoo” logo, should Notre Dame’s athletic teams cease to be called the Fighting Irish and abandon the Leprechaun mascot?

“The answer,” ESPN host Max Kellerman said Tuesday, “is yes.”

Kellerman made the comments on ESPN’s morning debate show “First Take,” which he co-hosts with Stephen A. Smith.

So Kellerman gets paid millions of dollars a year to comment on the boxing world. And the only headline he’s managed to get so far is this one, which arguably isn’t even his venue?

You look across the plethora of sports teams…. I can’t think of a single one that somebody couldn’t claim they were offended by. At what point does this nonsense stop? Do we get Syracuse University to change its name because oranges are offended?

Do we next call for a ban on Lucky Charms cereal?

I will guarantee you that 99% of the people that are supposedly offended by the Fighting Irish logo and nickname are not Irish, 99% of the people that claim they are offended by Chief Wahoo of the Cleveland Indians and for that matter the Washington Redskins, are not Indians, and so on…. And I will guarantee you that 100% of the people who claimed to be offended by this stuff don’t go to the games, are not sports fans, and never will be.

So the question becomes then, what these people who claim to be offended are gaining by all of this.

Simply put, they’re stroking their own ego. That’s really what this is all about. It’s an insipid need to feel superior to others.

The trouble of course is that the ability to think of itself risks offending somebody. The two are inextricably linked. To offer any such thought aloud is a rock sure certainty to offend somebody.

So the ultimate effective all of this is to shut down independent thought. Thought Control in other words.

Is that really the direction we want to be going?