A short while ago I wrote an article with regards to the new tax Arrangement that was just passed by Congress.

In it, I said:

Now Ponder this. For all of the screeching about tax the rich, what this comes down to is the higher-income people’s in those States who find themselves unable to write off their state-level taxes to the federal government and there for the rest of the country are the ones that are hit the hardest and the ones that are currently screeching the loudest.

Apparently they don’t want to tax the rich after all.

On Facebook in one of the discussion threads where I posted that link, I added this…

If you think I’m exaggerating that situation, watch closely the actions of Cuomo the Lesser over these next few weeks and months. He has long made it clear that he’s been trying to get into the White House and that he’s quite willing to use taxpayer dollars to buy his way in. This tax bill is a serious roadblock to that end.

So now here comes Andrew the Lesser, doing exactly what I said he’d do.

Make no mistake, they’re robbing the blue states to give money to red states,” Cuomo said during his State of the State speech in Albany Wednesday. “It is an economic civil war. It is illegal and we will challenge it in court as unconstitutional.”

Only a stone-cold liberal would consider people paying their own taxes to be unconstitutional.

Cuomo, who described the Trump presidency as “the most hostile federal administration in history,” said the changes to state and local tax deductions in the bill will raise New Yorkers’ property and income taxes by at least 20 percent. The governor added that New York state already contributes $48 billion more annually to the federal government than it gets back.

…and there it is folks. What Cuomo doesn’t tell you of course is that New York puts more into the federal treasury than it gets back because it’s a wealthier state. The people in it are wealthier. Isn’t one of the big deals in the Democrat party today, taxing the rich because they’ve got more?

And of course the solution that Cuomo never mentions is actually cutting spending by that 20%. And I will guarantee you it’s the solution that most people would opt for given the choice.

Again, I say…

Democrat politicians aren’t happy with this plan for two reasons. First to forestall rioting they’re going to have to start cutting back on their lavish spending.

And they really don’t want to tax the rich anyway because that’s where the Democrat donors are.

For the record, I view removing the write- off from the state taxes to be a very positive thing. Unmask the amount of spending that the state is doing, by insisting that the people pay for those High tax states upfront. Good.

I figure the spending will end up being cut rather dramatically when there’s a few hundred thousand torches around the State houses in democrat-run states. Such things have a tendency of focusing the attention. And I’m afraid that little else will.