Holy female bovine feces, the Schiff just his the fan, from the Washington Post, via Red State:

Within the FBI, some of Steele’s work was eventually incorporated into a 2016 application to the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court to conduct surveillance on Carter Page, a former Trump campaign adviser, according to people familiar with the matter. Republican lawmakers have suggested that Steele provided bad information to the FBI, leading to a broader probe of Trump associates.

People familiar with the memo said it does not conclusively say whether Steele intentionally passed suspect information to the FBI or simply made a mistake.


This is a huge revelation…if true. The FBI had to certify to a judge that the information they were submitting was validated. The admission that there is a question over whether the information provided by Steele was bad accidentally or on purpose is totally immaterial. If the information was bad, the FBI certified its validity to a FISA court judge. That, my friends, is a metaphor for the entire Russia collusion investigation.

Some stooge in the Federal Bureau of Investigation used a piece of fiction funded by Mrs. Clinton in an attempt to sabotage an election.