Do you think it was the accent?   Justin Baragona, Mediaite, gets his panties in a wad over what Mark Steyn did not say, or at least what Baragona did not bother to quote, how Baragona characterizs Steny:

Mark Steyn Bashes Immigrants: At Least ‘White Supremacists are American Citizens’

What Baragona quotes:

“Chris Cuomo went on to say that the real problem is white supremacists in America,” Steyn said. “They are the real monsters. Not these nice hard working illegal immigrants. That may be well and true.”

He continued, “I mean, for the purposes of argument let’s say he is right, it’s irrelevant. The white supremacists are American citizens. The illegal immigrants are people who shouldn’t be here.”

Steyn is right and Baragona is liar.   Baragona quotes Steyn describing illegal immigrants, and the characterizes Steyn as bashing all immigrants, legal and otherwise.

The clear loser in Steyn comments was representative Nancy Pelosi, who Steyn accused to placing the interests of illegal aliens over that of American citizens.    What say you Mrs. Pelosi?

Left wing reax, from Joe Cunningham Red State:

That’s… a really crappy defense, Mark. What it boils down to is “The racists are American citizens. The DREAMers are not. No brainer as to who’s right here.”

I will, without hesitation, gladly trade all the white supremacists for the DREAMers who came here and worked their asses off to make a life here, despite the terrible circumstances that surrounded their early life. White supremacists are utter human garbage and not worthy of any defense here.

Wow, Cunningham savages people for holding a belief in which he does not believe. No safe spaces for white folks. No moonshine for you Joe.